A downloadable game

omnia vnvs est

transmute Bits into Elixir

a stream of Bits flow, as they pass from view the situation is effected.

the Alchemik emits Change and attempts to produce 'Gold' from these base Bits, to create Elixir.

Alchemik is part shooter, part anti-shooter,. you have no avatar in Alchemik, nothing to be 'hit' or destroyed, you interact from a place slightly removed from the game-play. Move a 'cursor' with the Mouse that emits [cold shards of broken class] into the stream, effecting change.

Holding emitting or Breathing, will create a small increase when resumed. Use this fact to strategically manipulate situations.


Mouse:: position Cursor

Left Mouse Button:: hold, stops Emitting

Right Mouse Button:: open Menu

Mouse Wheel:: Menu selector, press

Middle Mouse Button:: select Menu item

Keys:: arrows Menu

Z key:: hold, stops Emitting

ESC:: open Menu

ENTER:: Menu selector, press

remember; everything is one, separation is illusion.

demo soon,. .